3D Sci Fi Movie Maker Support

We Take Customer Support Seriously.

Even though 3D Sci Fi Movie Maker is a fun product, we take support very seriously and always do our best to exceed your expectations. Because Galacticsoft is only a small company, when you email us for support, you’ll get to deal direct with the people that design and program 3D Sci Fi Movie Maker. As a result, your ideas, suggestions and feedback can have a direct impact on the the future development of the program. We always strive to respond to all support requests within 24 hours.

We take an active interest in what our registered users are doing with 3D Sci Fi Movie Maker and will try our best to offer technical assistance with your creative projects. If we can help to blast your Sci-Fi dreams into space we will!

You can contact our support time via the email address on our contact page.